Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust

Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust was founded in December 1998. The initial programs of WBB Trust were tobacco control and environment (discouraging polythene shopping bags and addressing noise pollution). Over the years, WBB Trust added a program on gender (now under Economic and Social Justice). The mission of Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust is to support policymakers to draft, pass, and enforce policies that will help in achieving a healthy population and environment, and to promote equality and social justice. In order to achieve their mission, WBB work closely with NGOs, media, and others, so that everyone has an opportunity to contribute towards a better Bangladesh.

Save the Environment Movement

“Save the Environment Movement (POBA)” is a voluntary social organization dedicated to conservation and enhancement of environment and ecosystem. Principal aim of POBA has been to raise social consciousness and making the society well-organized toward undertaking various development programmes in protecting human beings and various other members of the biosphere from the consequences of existing and future environmental disasters and, to that end, to enthuse all the related individuals, groups of individuals and organizations toward evaluating and updating the existing legal and organizational framework.

Besides ensuring the above principal aim, POBA also envisages

· Creation of public opinion and making the state machinery conscious and effective against the activities undertaken contrary to public interest and in favour of personal, sectoral or class interests including those undertaken at local and international levels that destroy the environment and the ecosystem.

· Attaining self-sufficiency in acquiring updated information devising theoretical bases in innovation of nature-based means of environment management through encouraging universities and research organizations.

POBA has been in process of achieving and implementation of its aim through various activities, such as, organizing seminars, symposia, human-chains, meetings, rallies, roundtables, exchange of views, providing advisory services to the government, sit-down strikes, hunger strikes, legal steps, networking with various organizations, research coordination, observance of national and international days on environment, publicity of environmental themes, exchange of ideas with professionals, intellectuals and various shades of the general populace, formation of Green Force involving the adolescents, environment cultural programmes, etc.

Garment Workers Trade Union Center

Garment Workers Trade Union Center, Established in 1994 GWTUC is the biggest Trade Union in the garment sector fighting in the forefront of the struggle for the interest of workers, for their rights and better living and working conditions. The Center unites all workers irrespective of their political orientation, religion, ethnicity, caste, creed,or gender. Since overwhelming number of garment workers are women it gives special priority to women’s participation and empowerment. It is a democratic, fighting and constructive trade union committed to build up a healthy trade union movement in the interest of workers, industry and all round development in harmony with nature.

There are about 40 million workers in the garment sector, more than 80% being women. Garment industry started developing in Bangladesh in the 1980′s.Presently BGMEA and BKMEA both owners associations have member factories numbering 4,882 and 1,870 member factories respectively. Number of employers little more than 5,000. The garment sector contributes 10 to 11% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It is the biggest export earner.