You are what you wear is our campaign celebrating individuality and fashion. The catalogue of full-body fashion photographs is our tribute to the remarkable diversity in the way people from around the globe dress and to the individuality of sartorial taste. Everybody wants to look stylish. Everybody wants to express who they are through what they wear. Our clothes can give us the power to present ourselves as sexy, rich, intellectual, feminine, masculine or any other attitude or identity we want. But there are other and more ponderous reasons to why it’s important to think about what we’re wearing.

Our aim is to raise awareness about the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry and reveal how connected we all are to the hearts and hands behind our clothes.

Interview: I want my clothes to express comfortability or mood, sometimes non conformity, or at times to show good taste. When I look for clothing I ask myself: ”Is it me when I wear them, and will it be easy to match with my other clothing?”
Next is the fit, it has to absolutely be perfect for my body type. And lastly the price, can I justify buying it, an investment over time. Before buying and after sizing up the fabric, I always check the labels on the clothes to check the fabric composition.

Boots: Italy.
Socks: U.S.A.
Underwear: China.
Gloves: U.S.A.
Pants: Japan.
T-shirt: U.S.A.
Hoodie: Italy.