Behind the Seams is an ongoing campaign dedicated to improving the conditions of workers in the international fashion industry and to raise awareness about the environmental impact of the industry.

Together we can make the changes necessary to transform an industry that is, in many cases, dangerous to garment workers and hazardous to both consumers and the environment. The Behind the Seams initiative build bridges between the global fashion industry in the developed world and the garment industry producing the clothes in the developing countries.

We guide producers in how to keep on the straight and narrow seam when producing in the developing countries. We also help consumers make informed decisions regarding ethical purchases by raising awareness about the environmental and social consequences of the fashion industry and by giving them access to a peek behind the seams.

Who makes your clothes?

There should be no mystery as to who makes your clothes: Transparency is the first step to transform the industry. But today the reality of a brand being able to control all aspects and impacts of its supply chain is a goal rather than a reality.

The harsh conditions in which many workers in the developing countries perform their jobs have been qualified as “slave labour” by The European Parliament*. Despite repeated warnings from watchdog NGOs, the topic tends only to reach world media when major and deadly accidents occur. The collapse of the Rana Plaza factory building in 2013, killing more than 1,130 garment workers in Bangladesh, shocked the world.

However, the shock subsided quickly and major changes are still necessary to transform an industry that is, in many cases, dangerous to garment workers and hazardous to both consumers and the environment. Help us spreading attention by sharing our film spot.

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Interviews: Listen to an ever growing selection of interviews with prominent experts on the key consequences of the garment industry in the developing countries such as Bangladesh.

Photo exhibition

October 2016: Slavery is woven into the fabric of our lives — deep within the supply chains of the products we love. This book is a celebration of individuality and fashion.  The catalogue of full-body fashion photographs is our tribute to the remarkable diversity in the way people from around the globe dress and to the individuality of sartorial taste.

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Straight Seams

Award:  The Straight Seam Award honors and recognizes genuine, truly innovative and meaningful approaches to making responsible business a reality. This is an award for disruptors, visionaries and innovators pushing the boundaries of what’s possible when combining fashion with responsibility.

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News Blog: With our blog you can stay updated on news and developments in the world of responsible and irresponsible fashion. Please, bear in mind that the views expressed in the blog do not necessarily reflect our views.

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